Official Language?

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Question Of The Day:

“We’re in America: speak the language. Even though when my ancestors 
came to this land, they didn’t bother learning Cherokee, Ojibwe or

I’m conflicted on this. 

On the one hand, We kind of came in and dominated the land. When that happens, the dominate country tends to “win” and thereby replace the culture, language, etc. In that aspect, “Sorry indians, we were bastards and did horrible things. Welcome to the next step in the evolution of society.”

We came, we saw, we took, we won. We, as “Modernized” society, took over your land. That sucks for you, and genuinely, I empathize for your suffering. In the same way I empathize for slaves. But the fact is, it was long ago. I didn’t do it, neither did my parents. Time Moves On.

Which brings us to today. America. Ah-murr-ikah.

We have no federally official language.

That being said, we predominately speak English. According to the Census Bureau, 96% of us. Personally, to me, I think English _should_ be the official language. But not in the crazy Quebec way ( ) where French MUST be larger and predominate. But as a general rule, I think that being in America, you must be able to converse with the general populace. 

Now, that being said, I understand that some regions have much higher concentrations of immigrants than other, and even within some cities different neighborhoods may be predominately other nationalities. America is the melting pot. Great. If I walk into a store, I expect to find the signs in English. 

Now on the flip side of that, the education in our country has gone to shit. Teachers and schools routinely have their budgets cut, student lending is less available or tuition is just out of reach. Whatever the reason, learning another language seems to fall by the wayside. Some do, and Kudos! I didn’t. I’m lesser for it. 

If I go to another country, I have the luxury in most places with it’s citizen’s speaking at least basic English. This seems unfair to me. Why should I expect a country to cater to my laziness? I shouldn’t. If I decided to live there, I would expect to learn the culture, language, and traditions. Not just out of necessity, but Respect.

Most seem to associate this topic with Hispanics. I have no problem with hispanics. Especially those that I can tell make an effort to learn and communicate. Same goes for any immigrant. Welcome to America, enjoy your stay, and good luck with your Visa. But If ANYONE is here to take advantage of my country and not have enough respect to even try; GETTHEFUCKOUT.