I Hate Christmas Shopping

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As it gets closer to Christmas, I feel like many people’s attitudes change. While mostly this is in a positive direction, many have the opposite effect. Whether be disbelief or jaded-ness, overall, whether you even like Christmas or not, most people seem to have better spirits.

Credit: Unknown/Google
Credit: Unknown/Google

Except when shopping.

I love Christmas. Obviously, being a Christian, Christmas is a “big deal”. The celebration of Jesus’ birth! The symbolic giving of gifts! The rememberance and celebration of Jesus Christ!

Except when shopping.

This holiday isnt about death, it’s not about a particular act or miracle. It’s an appreciation of God’s gift to mankind; to _you_.

And then there’s the other stuff. Santa Claus, Christmas music, eggnogg, candies and cookies, and all of the things that bring out the “holiday spirit. ”

Except when shopping.

I hate shopping at Christmas, and I’m thankful for Amazon.

Unfortunately, along with the Christmas spirit comes legions of people painfully unaware of anything around them. It’s nearly impossible to drive through a parking lot without waiting 5 hours, nearly hitting someone, or having another car back into you. People can be greedy, selfish, and plain rude all while singing christmas songs and shopping for John Doe. It’s like this every year.

I can see how long checkout lines with repetitive cheerful Christmas music may have a clockwork-orange like effect on people and cause an individual to slip into a one’s-own-world type mental state or become naseous with fake plastic trees and fake plastic smiles.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love any holiday that encourages everyone to have “Peace and goodwill towards men”. Even if the “meaning” of Christmas is lost, the holiday brand itself still encourages forgiveness, love, and understanding. That’s not to say we shouldn’t ALWAYS strive to be this way, but I’ll take what I can get.

But world, I’m begging you. Whatever your reason is for celebrating. Make it outside of yourself. Not just smiling uncomfortably or self righteously as you throw some coins in a big red salavation army kettle. I’m talking actually reflecting what the season is supposed to be to everyone. Jesus came to give us forgiveness. The most simple selfless gift. It doesn’t cost a dime, and it can be worth the world to someone.

Let’s all celebrate the HOLIDAYS together.

Except when shopping. I’ll be doing that at home, and only dealing with shipping.