America; Love It Or Leave It

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I think if you really don’t like anywhere, then you should leave. Whether be your Town, City, State, or Country. Just leave. if you can’t leave, sucks to be you. Though mostly it does seem people just like to bitch more than they actually want to leave. 

But if there’s something you don’t like, can you change it? Is something you don’t like _worth_ leaving over? Lesser of two evils?

And to the other side of this; telling someone to leave based on what your opposite doesn’t like is rude.

We passed a health-care bill. If you don’t like it; LEAVE. It’s a conversation stopper. Suddenly, you’re not discussing health-care, you’re discussing the validity of your allegiance to your country.

Truthfully, that phrase seems to be worthless. If someone did hate the country, they would try to leave. There are many countries in which this happens. Thankfully, and despite what we all consider “wrong” about our countries, we live in a country that in least in theory allows for change.

It would be helpful if I could make anyone who disagreed with me leave. No-one to vote against.

The fact is that everyone has their own perception of what the country “Should Be”. We have the right to voice it. And just because you may disagree with a policy or law does not suddenly make you “Dislike”, “Hate”, or want to leave the country.

Besides, look around you, while America may have some great “Patriotism”, we don’t rank #1 most things. Not in a global happiness index, not in our economy, not with health-care, not with education, and so forth. We may be great, and we may be great in a great many things, but take a lesson from Christ and seek to be humble. 

Matthew 23:12 ESV
Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.